Apply to hold an event on the Surf Coast

To apply for an event on the Surf Coast, please complete an online application using the following link:

Online application for events to be held in 2021

Generally, events held on public land within the Surf Coast will require authorisation from either Surf Cast Shire or Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC). To assist in your initial application these two agencies share the same application form.

You can also confirm the relevant land manager on the SCS/GORCC Managed Land Map.

Depending on the event footprint, you may also require authorisation from Parks Victoria or DELWP. You will be advised if this is required.

Approval times

Event approval can take between three and twelve months to be granted. This can vary due to the complexity of your event, the number of permits your event requires, your current Management Plan and the number of agencies that need to make comment on your plan, eg a large event may require road closures or significant traffic management planning.


A variety of permits are likely to be required for events.  The Surf Coast Shire Events Guide provides details of the key permits, however it is the responsibility of event organisers to ensure relevant permits and permissions are obtained.


Events large and small usually need insurance cover to protect both the organiser and event participants. The only instance where you may not require insurance is for a one-off event in a Council-managed community house or hall, where the Surf Coast Shire’s own insurance is usually sufficient. However it is still worth checking this, as a large one-off event may still require cover.

The Municipal Association of Victoria website provides helpful information on insuring your event.


See Events Grants and Sponsorship Program for more information on financial assistance for events in Surf Coast Shire.

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