You are invited to partner with Surf Coast Events to promote your event

Surf Coast Events promotes larger events that are open to the public and located in the Surf Coast Shire.  This promotion is free and includes, social media platforms, a large database of newsletter subscribers and print advertising.

If you would like your event promoted, submit your event details to the Surf Coast Events website!

Please read the Surf Coast Events Terms & Conditions to confirm if your event is eligible to list on Surf Coast Events. Eligible events are invited to provide their event details (‘Sales Pitch’) via this submission form.

Smaller community workshops, classes and gatherings are invited to promote their details on the Surf Coast Shire website here: Submit a ‘community happening’ to our Community Calendar .

Here is a list of  other opportunities available to promote your event: Partner with Surf Coast Events to promote your event.

Tick off this promotion list and put your wonderful event out there!!

Prepare your event sales pitch

Your sales pitch should include all the critical information that participants and attendees need to know, along with some inspirational words to entice them to get involved. It should be short and snappy and no more than 200 words.

  • Description of the event (why & how)
  • Date, time and place of event (when & where)
  • Your best event image/s, video and/or logo
  • Call to action (what should they do if they want to get involved?)
  • Link for registration, booking and/or further information
  • Event website
  • Event social media platform/s

We invite you to be part of our event promotion activity and help us grow the Surf Coast Events brand reach

Please encourage your event audience to “Get Amongst It” by visiting, connecting with @ SurfCoastEvents on Facebook and SurfCoast_Events on Instagram.

You might like to use this digital tile.

You might like to install some temporary signage

Temporary signage, such as core flute signs, are cost effective and eye catching in the right location.

A permit is required to install a temporary sign. You will find all the relevant information on this application form  to apply for a permit to install a temporary sign.

You are invited to partner with Surf Coast Times to promote your event

The Times News Group are keen to support and promote events and offer exclusive advertising packages for Surf Coast Events that include generous editorial promotion.

For further details contact Taren Flowers on 03 5264 8412.