Major Events

Amy’s Gravel Fondo

45km gravel grind!

Gravel grinding is riding a bike on gravel, loose stones or any unpaved surface using any type of bike including cyclo-cross, mountain bike, gravel grinder or hybrid. Gravel riding racing/riding has seen a growth over the past years to be popular with mountain bike, cyclocross and road cyclist.

Amy's Gravel Fondo is part of the Amy's Great Ocean Road Gran Fondo.

Amy’s Great Ocean Road Gran Fondo is held in memory of Amy Gillett and conducted by the Amy Gillett Foundation. Participants raise much-needed funds to help the Amy Gillett Foundation create a safe bike riding environment in Australia.

Other events:

130km Amy's Gran Fondo (age category race)

45km Medio Fondo (recreation category)


For many reasons, events may be cancelled, postponed or details changed. Please check the individual event's official website or social media channels for the latest information.