March 7, 2022

Colourful return for foreshore festival

Torquay’s foreshore was awash with colour on Sunday as hundreds celebrated the Festival of Colours.

Attendees doused themselves and fellow revellers with bright-coloured dust for the kaleidoscopic gala at the town’s front beach.

Facepainting, live music and dancing performances, food trucks and children’s activities all kept the throngs of crowds entertained for the duration of the afternoon.

The event’s organiser Keshava Jenkins said he expected the event attracted close to the 1000 people that attended its inaugural edition in 2020.

“We were a little concerned in the lead-up to the event about how it would go because of lockdowns and the COVID situation,” he said.

“We haven’t wrapped it up financially and counted everything, but just looking at it yesterday it seemed as though it was about the same, which was very encouraging for us."

“It seems like the locals and whoever came for it, like people from Melbourne that travelled down, they want these type of events.”

“The event is really trying to create community spirit. With the way the world is going, that’s what people are looking for.”

The Festival of Colours is based on the Hindu tradition of Holi, which is an ancient festival that marks the northern hemisphere transition of winter to spring and encourages everyone to celebrate equally regardless of their faith or social divisions.

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