May 13, 2024

More than 250 competitors

Last Sunday saw the return of the Sprint Series Adventure Race in Anglesea with more than 250 competitors taking on the navigation-based challenge.

With the course map hidden until the morning of the event, teams of two participants used a compass and map to navigate through the checkpoints as they mountain biked, ran and kayaked.

Sprint Series Adventure Race course director Serge Kuror said participants had 25 checkpoints they needed to reach.

“Most people navigated their way perfectly through the course,” he said.

“Each team had a waterproof map and mandatory equipment for them is to have a compass.

“We have a wide range of abilities. We get people from elites to eight-year-old kids, obviously some people come for the racing experience and first place and some people are coming to have fun.”

Competitors had the choice of completing the classic course, which included a 15km mountain bike, 5km kayak and a run between 5km and 7km or novice course, which was shorter and designed for families.

In the classic course, local teams went head-to-head for first place, with Wendy McAlpine and Adam Conquest taking out the number one position for the third time.

Scott Gavens and Matt Peterson came in just 30 seconds later, taking out second place.

More than 80 competitors took on the novice course, with Heidi and Mike Littleford coming first, followed by family team Kule and Olivia Haines.

Mr Kuror said Anglesea is one of their favourite places to hold this event, with the community engagement being one of the highlights.

“We feel very supported in this place. We can feel the local support and it’s very encouraging.”

The team are gearing up to return with the event in May next year.

For more information, and the full list of results, head to the Adventure Junkie Facebook page.

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