November 25, 2021

New video promotes safe cycling on the Surf Coast

The short video, Safe Cycling on the Surf Coast, showcasing some of the shire’s most scenic rides and experiences of local riders was produced with funding from a Department of Transport Community Road Safety Grant. It calls on local and visiting riders to take simple safety measures, including:

  • Wear bright clothing for visibility
  • Wear a properly fitted helmet
  • Obey road rules
  • Stay alert and avoid distractions
  • Slow down and be patient
  • Always look both ways
  • Have respect for one another on the road

In the video, local cyclist Fiona Matthews calls on riders to take the simple steps that can save lives.

“Whether you’re in a car or on a bike or you’re a local or just passing through, we all just want to enjoy the journey and get home safe,” she said.

“The population of the Surf Coast has grown.  We’re a major tourist destination. Therefore the trails and the roads are getting busier, so we need to have more patience to share those spaces.”

Surf Coast Shire Councillor and cycling enthusiast Mike Bodsworth thanked the Department of Transport for the grant to produce the video.

“During COVID we’ve seen cycling stand out as a great exercise and transport option, and participation has boomed,” he said.

“From cruising around town streets and pathways to epic road riding and mountain biking, cycling has become a Surf Coast staple.”

“Riding is great fun and we want everyone to enjoy themselves and make it home to their families. Let’s all take care, share the roads and look out for each other,” Cr Bodsworth said.

It is now law to give cyclists the space to ride safely. Drivers need to slow when passing riders and give at least one metre in speed zones up to 60km/h, and at least one and a half metres in zones over 60km/h.

The video will be promoted across social media and other online channels as well as via local event organisers and tourism operators.  It can be viewed at

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