April 25, 2024

Sprint Series Adventure Race

The Sprint Series Adventure Race will return to Anglesea on May 5 as participants navigate their way through the race.

In teams of two, participants will kayak, mountain bike and run as they search for checkpoints across the navigation-based course.

Sprint Series Adventure Race Course Director Serge Kuror said it’s a fantastic sporting competition.

“The course is not marked; we give out a map on the morning of the event and you have to navigate your way through the checkpoints,” he said.

Competitors will have a timing tag on their wrist that is checked at each point as they progress through the course.

The course details aren’t released until the morning of the event with competitors using a compass and map to find the checkpoints.

“All these navigation-based events have to be done this way, otherwise people can go and check the course and get an unfair advantage,” Mr Kuror said.

There are two different courses to choose from, the classic course includes a run between 5 and 7km, mountain biking for 15km and a 5km kayak.

The novice course consists of a 3km run, between an eight and 10km mountain bike and a 2km kayak.


“The classic course is a little bit longer and a little bit more technical and the novice, as the name suggests, is for novices and also for family teams,” Mr Kuror said.

“On the other hand, we have really fast athletes racing for first place in the classic course, professional athletes, triathletes and orienteers.”

The novice course is open for parents or an adult with kids eight years or over.

Mr Kuror said the event attracts a wide range of people and they cater for pretty much everyone, with the event being open to all fitness levels.

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Image credit: Competitors will kayak, mountain bike and run as part of the Sprint Series Adventure Race in Anglesea. Photos: SUPPLIED.

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