Event Marketing Matters

These learning modules, have been designed for event organisers, and are jam-packed with best practice tips and tricks specific to the digital marketing and promotion of events.

They are short, snappy, bite-sized videos that you can digest at your convenience, anywhere, anytime, as often as you like.

Module 1: PLAN your digital marketing (13:54)

• Setting goals
• Understanding your audience
• Intro to marketing funnels
• Choosing the right media channel
• Social media basic and developing great content
• Developing great campaigns and messaging
• Website basics and platforms (Wix, Squarespace ect)
• Measuring success

Module 2: BOOST your promotion on Facebook and Instagram (20:26)

• Best practice setup – Business Manager vs Business Suite
• Developing great content and how to schedule
• Facebook and Instagram advertising basics
• Facebook events
• Messenger and auto responders
• Measuring success

Module 3: IMPROVE your search ranking (20:05)

• Google ads vs SEO
• Basic website optimisation
• SEO basics in 2022
• Understanding Google ads
• Leveraging SEO for events

Module 4: CAPITALISE on email marketing (9:33)

• Using popular email marketing tools – Mailchimp
• How to build a database and the benefits
• Developing email templates
• Marketing automation

Module 5: TAKE your digital marketing to the next level (14:53)

• Goal setting and marketing analytics
• Remarketing and developing smart audience groups – using your data
• Tracking digital marketing and campaign attribution (Conversions API and the future of ‘cookie less tracking)
• YouTube ads
• Social media ads and emerging platforms – TikTok ads
• Understanding local regions and tips