June 3, 2021

100 days to go…..

RAPID Ascent is excited to begin the 100-day countdown to the 2021 Surf Coast Century, an incredible 100km ultra marathon to be held on the Surf Coast on September 11.

The milestone of the 10th edition was marked with a gathering of 10 local runners including Surf Coast Shire councillor Kate Gazzard, on the final leg of the race course at Point Roadknight.

Gazzard (pictured sixth from left) has signed up as a solo 100km participant for her own personal running goals.

“I love trail running; I’ve done a few ultra (marathons) raising money to save rainforests in the past,” Gazzard said.

“This will be my first 100km though and I’m very excited to be running in my own backyard.”

The tenth edition of the Surf Coast Century is expected to attract more than 1,300 runners from around the state and nationally who will participate in the 100km and 50km ultra marathons, making it one of the largest such events in Australia.

Meg Norman (pictured fourth from left) from Torquay competed as a 100km relay team member in 2019 and says she is once again feeling excited and confident at the 100-day mark to round up some running friends again and be part of the 10th edition.

“I’m really excited to get a team together again for the ultra run; I just love the trails around here – it’s the beautiful scenery, the diversity of the landscape; it’s just great,” Norman said.

“The single track and hills through Leg 3 are my favourite so I’ll definitely be putting my hand up for Leg 3 again,” added Norman.

To celebrate 10 years, the event has a number of exciting changes in place, including a new focus on the runners’ experience such as a post-race athlete lounge, and recovery activities and celebrations the day after racing.

The event is organised by Rapid Ascent, an adventure sports event management company that is based in Torquay and well-known for hosting challenging off-road events.

“We can’t wait to see competitors’ dreams and training be rewarded at the 10th edition of the race; it will surely make this one of the most memorable races to-date,” Rapid Ascent general manager Sam Maffett said.

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