August 1, 2022

50 Year Storm interview:

In the lead-up to the Bells Beach 50-Year Storm in memory of local surfer Shaun Brooks, Times News Group will be catching up with some invitees who have received the honour from their peers and the committee to surf the biggest waves this winter.

This week’s interview features Surf Coast big wave dynamo Angela Ball.

During the interview, Ball chats about how it felt paddling out in the maiden Bells Beach 50 Year Storm event in 2021 as one of only three women, and the 19 year old sheds light on the huge wave that delivered her a podium finish in the event.

Ball details her love for the Torquay Boardriders Club and the friends she has met throughout as well as her pathway into becoming a competitive surfer.

She also provides mental health tips and advice for listeners and gives us a recount of her recent travelling endeavors while surfing on the World Qualifying Series.

Watch Surf Coast Times interview here.

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