November 8, 2023

New fete showcases Moriac’s best

A new community fete has made a huge arrival in Moriac with months of preparation culminating in a boost for a local pre-school.

Hundreds of Moriac residents and out-of-town visitors spent their Sunday afternoon at Newling Reserve for Moriac Pre-School’s inaugural Moriac Spring Fete.

The majority of funds raised from the afternoon, which featured over 20 pre-school- and community-run stalls, will provide the pre-school with the necessary financial means to remain operable throughout the year.

Moriac Pre-School director Sarah Henderson said there was no financial figure decided on prior to the day but was blown away by the turnout from the community.

“It’s one thing to put an idea down on paper, but to see it take shape was awesome,” Ms Henderson said on Sunday.

“Moriac doesn’t really have any community events like those you see in towns like Torquay where there is just heaps going on, so we thought we’d address that, bring the community together and raise funds for the kinder in the process.”

Moriac Pre-School is a parent-run community kinder that has been operating since 1970.

The kinder is the only institution on the Surf Coast run in this fashion, meaning parents need to rely on grants and fundraising.

The idea for the fete arose from a pitch made by Grade 3 Moriac Primary student Penny Naylor, who contacted the kinder’s parents committee in June with the idea for a community event in Moriac.

“I found a book that I read at my old school in Melbourne all about a fete, which I loved, and we had a fete at my kinder back in Melbourne, so I thought it would be a good idea in Moriac,” Ms Naylor said.

“I’m so proud of how the fete turned out, and I’m so happy that my idea has brought the community together.”

Ms Henderson confirmed the fete will be an annual event moving forward.

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Image credit: L-R: Moriac Pre-School director Sarah Henderson, Moriac Primary student Penny Naylor (9), and Moriac Pre-School parents group president Amy Brady. Photos: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

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