July 31, 2023

Troupe’s winter season opens

Torquay Theatre Troupe’s new winter season begins on a high next month, with not one but two one-act plays at Shoestring Playhouse inside The MAC.

The troupe will perform British playwright Georgie Oulton’s COVID-inspired work Godzonia and David Tristram’s Last Panto in Little Grimley, providing professional-level shows for theatre lovers across the region.

Godzonia director Zina Carman, said she was excited to undertake the task of directing the play after she read the script and met with Ms Oulton.

“Godzonia is such an original, relevant play,” Ms Carman said.

“It seemed like the perfect play for Torquay Theatre Troupe’s one-act play season in 2022.

“Unfortunately, the season had to be cancelled, like so many other events that year, and it seemed the time for Godzonia was past.

“But 2023 brought a new opportunity, a new one-act play season, and we decided to give this play the airing it deserves.”

The story of Godzonia begins when Kate and her aging grandfather attempt to make contact via a video-call.

Kate is stuck in the United Kingdom because of the lockdown. However, she is eager to get back home to Godzonia.

While Kate is stuck at the airport waiting for her flight home, she meets exasperated mum-of-three Sarah, also trying to get back to Godzonia to join her husband.

Young Godzonians Jake and Lou are trying to find love in difficult circumstances.

Flights are cancelled, plans disrupted, and some desperate measures are taken to achieve the utopia Godzonia represents.

Last Panto in Little Grimley director Sindi Renea said she considered herself very lucky to have a hard-working cast to bring the play to life.

“Rehearsals have been great fun with the actors being both mentally challenged and physically exhausted by the combination of clever writing and visual comedy.

“It’s a sign of a well-written comedy when a cast can have the crew in hysterics on the first cold read."

Last Panto in Little Grimley focuses on an amateur dramatic society which has dwindled to the four committee members.

The society’s ticket sales have gotten even worse and the society’s beleaguered producer says it may have to perform door-to-door tours. However, the foursome are determined to continue entertaining the community.

Torquay Theatre Troupe’s One Act Play Season runs from August 3-12.

Performance will be held on Thursdays and Fridays at 8pm, on Saturdays at 6pm and on August 6 at 4pm.

For more information head here.

Surf Coast Times story here.

Photo: L-R: Actors Janelle Polwarth, Rose Carollo and Terry Roseburgh in Last Panto in Little Grimley. Photo: SUPPLIED

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