June 16, 2022

50 Year Storm invitees confirmed

The public has spoken and the invitees for the 2022 50 Year Storm surfing event in memory of local legend Shaun Brooks are set.

Last week, public voting platforms closed with 30 lucky surfers including
inaugural event winners Tim Stevenson, Angela Ball and Jeff Sweeney gaining the honour to take part.

In 2022, the gathering will aim to shed a light on mental health and wellbeing on the biggest surfing day of the winter season.

“The event purpose is to raise awareness around mental wellbeing and create a platform to assist with others in the community who require support,” event organiser and close friend of Brooks, Carlo Lowden said.

“Thirty surfers have been nominated overall, with 25 spots voted on by the
public through the online voting portal.

“The remaining five wildcards were decided by the Brooks family and
the 50 Year Storm Committee. “This year we will also have the
inclusion of one big wave surfer from each boardriders club around the state, which goes into the overall spot allocations.”

2021 winner Tim Stevenson is one of the 30 competitors set to feature once
again in the new format, and can’t wait to surf against some of the best big wave surfers in the country.

“It’s such a special event that brings the community together, not just the surfers but also spectators,” Stevenson said.

“Aside from the Rip Curl Pro it’s been the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen in Victoria. “To highlight mental health themes and issues on the biggest day of the winter is something really special and an honour to be a part of.” “I can’t wait to surf with everyone and hopefully we get a stomper of a swell.”

Thanks to generous donations from sponsors and fundraising, the event
has raised more than $45,000 for the beneficiaries One in Five and headspace. The encounter will once again look to put mental health in the public eye, whilst also being a platform for equality in the sport.

“The event is one of the only in the world that includes men and women together, showing that equality in surfing is real,” Lowden said. “We can’t wait to hopefully run again this winter.”

Alternate spots have also been decided with a list of 20 surfers ready to suit up if the opportunity strikes. The event window is between June 1 through August 31 and will run in the biggest and best conditions of the waiting
period. Stay tuned for announcements about mental health workshops which are set to be held in the lead-up to the one day extravaganza.

To find out more head here.

Surf Coast Times story here.

Image: 50 Year Storm

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