August 1, 2022

Gallery’s friends on show in new exhibition

In the Skies Art and Music Gallery is bringing back their annual You Got A Friend group exhibition, which will join the Surf Coast Arts Trail on August 6 and 7.

From Saturday, July 30 to August 15, the exhibition in Lorne will bring together works from all the artists who have exhibited at the gallery over the past year, as well as opening a space for the artists to each invite someone they know or admire to display works at the exhibition.

In the Skies Art and Music Gallery co-founder Anna McIldowie said there wasn’t a particular theme for the exhibition, and the gallery was eagerly looking forward to seeing what the exhibition would bring to the Surf Coast.

“The element of surprise and unknown around who the artists will invite, what themes will be explored, and how the works will look in the space together, felt to us like a beautifully open and freeing concept for a group show,” McIldowie said.

“By pretty much removing the curator’s hand all together, the show becomes a pure tribute to the artists in our orbit, as well, no doubt, a kind of revealing of the gallery (in the mirror) itself!

“It’s a way to reshowcase everyone we’ve worked with, to represent or shine extra light on their presence and contributions to regional arts and beyond.”

McIldowie said this space would further enrich the artistic connections in the region.

“Including a whole new hand of artists is an opportunity to expand and connect our worlds and communities a little more, for all involved – the gallery, artists, audiences and patrons alike.

“As the years go on, we feel that our annual You Got A Friend group shows will, retrospectively, become fascinating snapshots of time and place, as captured and expressed by these truly unique and vital artists.”

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