December 1, 2023

Harry Potter’s Weasley Twins trade

Harry Potter’s Weasley Twins trade broomsticks for biplanes in upcoming season of Fantastic Friends.

Fresh from welcoming a pair of Harry Potter stars, Tiger Moth World Torquay is pleased to headline a magical competition that offers an experience of a lifetime.

The local flight operator took the twins from the Harry Potter films, actors James and Oliver Phelps, on an adventure flight for their travel show Fantastic Friends. Now the Torquay-based business is teaming up with Surf Coast Events to give away a Tiger Moth flight for two people in a vintage open cockpit biplane.

A vintage 1930s Boeing Stearman biplane had the Phelps brothers – joined by fellow English actor Corey Mylchreest – flying high. The trio was treated to aerobatics, including loops and rolls, over the beautiful Torquay coastline.

James, who played Fred Weasley in the iconic Harry Potter films, claimed the flight “was the best experience” he had while filming season two of Fantastic Friends.

Tiger Moth World Torquay owner Randy Walsh was delighted to provide the memorable outing.

“It was great fun to have some Harry Potter magic come to Tiger Moth World, and it’s been very hard keeping it under wraps until the launch of the new season,” he said.

Mr Walsh promised another memorable outing for the winners of the Surf Coast Events competition. The giveaway also includes ‘mild’ or ‘wild’ acrobatics, and Tiger Cam footage of the flight for the winner to take home. A delicious meal and VIP Bells Beach Brewing Tour will round out the experience.

To win this experience of a lifetime:

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  • Tag the lucky person you would like to take on your Tiger Moth adventure.

For competition terms and conditions, head here. The website is an invaluable destination for Surf Coast event listings – from Christmas carols and concerts, to markets and major sporting events, including the Rip Curl Pro. If people would like to check out the waves at Bells Beach from a different view, Tiger Moth World can provide an unrivalled seat.

Find out more about Tiger Moth World at, and watch a promotional video of the Fantastic Friends Torquay adventure at

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