June 15, 2023

Winter heats up

Hundreds of runners are expected to descend on region for the Surf Coast’s premier winter trail running event next weekend.

Surf Coast Trail Marathon race director Chris Ord said the June 17 event remains a highlight on the Surf Coast trail running calendar that attracts new and returning runners.

“A participant once flew in from Chicago, US, specifically to take part,” Mr Ord said.

“There’s some sort of alchemy to this run in particular.

“The trail and its coastal and clifftop views is of course stunning, but the variety of landscapes, the accessibility for supporters to follow along, the village-to-village nature of the route, and the attraction of the Great Ocean Road region in general and our very social vibe means it is an attractive marathon target for many.”

Mr Ord said he expected more than 600 people to take take part in this year’s marathon, which features two main parts, the full marathon (one runner and two runners) and the half-marathon.

The full marathon (42.8km) will run from Torquay to Fairhaven along the Surf Coast trail, while the half marathons will run from either Torquay or Fairhaven SLSC to Point Addis.

“Thanks to our huge crew of awesome volunteers and marshals we keep everyone safe at all times, but a few years of very high tides has meant everyone generally expects to get wet feet!” Mr Ord said.

“Leave your shoes on, trust me.

“And we’ll be transparent – there is a bit of beach to be run, but it’s wild and beautiful and all part of the experience of running a coastal challenge.”

Participants can enter the Surf Coast Trail Marathon up until the event day.

An after-party will also be held post-event, featuring live ’80s cover band Bliss playing at the Aireys Pub from 7pm, open to the public.

For more information, head here.

Read Surf Coast Times story here.

Image: runners will kick off their winter fun-run schedule with next Saturday’s Surf Coast Trail Marathon.

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