March 31, 2023

Voting opens

From today, locals can publicly vote for their community surfing heroes to surf in Bells Beach 50 Year Storm surfing event in memory of Shaun Brooks.

Run at Bells Beach on the best day of the winter period (June 8 to July 31), the event will bring the community and 30 top competing surfers together for a day of fundraising.

Since inception seven years ago, the event has raised more than $45,000 for mental health beneficiaries including One in Five and headspace as a tribute to supporting community mental health and wellbeing.

While only being run once in its history (2021), event founder Troy Brooks hopes the event can reach match the amazing heights of its inaugural event.

“We got to run the first event in 2021 but unfortunately I watched it on Instagram and highlight reels because of the COVID lockdowns… so I’m really looking forward to rocking up to my first event,” Brooks said.

“Torquay is such a strong surf town and the 50 Year Storm is a pretty good way to engage the local community.

“This event is about friendship and including as many people as possible and hopefully educating and helping a few people out that might be struggling.”

Inaugural event winner Tim Stevenson said he eagerly looked forward to voting kicking off and was hopeful of backing up his 2021 win later this year.

“It’s exciting to have it back… we’ve already had some good patterns of surf this year and if that’s anything to go by, we could be in for a great event,” Stevenson said.

“It’s such a highlight surfing solid Bells with my friends and idols in front of a huge crowd."

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone charge and set the bar in 2023.”

A community paddle out and a 2023 event opening ceremony are set to be announced shortly by the event committee. Voting is available by visiting

Read Surf Coast Times story here.

Left to right, Tim Stevenson, Jeff Sweeney and Angela Ball are seen after the 50 Year Storm in memory of Shaun Brooks surfing competition. Photo: JULES SMITH

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